The Ranch House Secrets to Great Print Advertising

Hey, after doing thousands of print ads over a 20 years period, we know what works and what doesn't. In this email course, we'll share with our our 4 strategies of designing great print ads, delivered over a 4-week period to your email inbox.

Here's What You'll Get ....

Week 1: The Basics

We'll start with the foundation and discuss general rules, things to avoid, and print advertising principles.

Week 2: 5 Things Every Ad Must Have

There are five things every great print ad includes. We're giving you the list.

Week 3: Types of Ads

Have an ad coming up but no idea what to run? This email will give you a list of all the different types of ad ideas you can use.

Week 4: 4 Things to Help You Get Noticed

When you're 1 ad in a magazine of 100 ads, you have to stand out. But how? We'll share this with you in week 4.

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